Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Write definition for these stage terms.

Stage blocking
The stage blocking is a process of planning when, where and how the actor will move to the stage during the performance time. It also stage blocking shows that the director strong-minded lead the actor from stage right to left at the end of Act 1.
A sightline is a spectator between stadium and a theatre. Sightline also designing Better Streets for People with Low Vision
Stage direction  
A stage direction is an instruction, as a part written into the script of a play for a actor or a director. However it also means that stage direction tells the actor how they have to move or to speak their line at the right time.
Upstage is to distract attention from the other performance by moving upstage. It also means the back of the stage.
Downstage is a front half of the stage, as seen by the audience. Where the actor performs on a downstage. 

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