Wednesday, 5 January 2011


In our group we will be creating the poster to promote the school play which will be the Little Shop of HORRORS. Along with the poster we also have to create flyers to post all around, the school and tickets which will also help to advertise the show. The ticket we are selling for the shows it’s about £2.00. When selling the ticket on the poster we should also put the details of the legal owners of the name for copy right reasons. 

Interview with professional stage designer

·       The reason I became a stage designer was because of the love I developed for the theatre from a young age.
·       The main challenge of this industry is all the competition.
·       The main thing you need to succeed in this industry is a lot of ambition and a lot of skill.
·       This job is mainly freelance which means you do not get a regular pay check.
·       This means you need to be much disciplined in how you spend your money.
·       3D design is the subject area you need to base your expertise in.
·       The pay can be very good for example if you work in film or TV you can make up to 500 pounds a week.
·       You need to have a good agent who can help you find work.
·       The good thing about this job is that you will never be doing the same thing twice or in the same place twice.
·       You also need to be extremely creative to do this kind of work.
·       The other good thing about this job is all the travel.
·       This job can also give you very high levels of stress, this is due to all the responsibility you have.
·       The biggest challenges include managing at times very tight budgets and deadlines and you also get no job security.
·       The most important skill you need is good communication skills.

How other musical are staged

“Cats the musical”
“Les miserables”
“Miss Saigon”
Staging type.
The stages are design for the performance of dramatic production. The stage serves as a space for actors or performers and a main spot intended for the members of the audience. The stage may have a platform. The stage is very tradition to the audience.  

This stage as you sees these types of stage are very traditional stage designs. This stage are been used for actor or for a performers. 

This stage is been using as a TV show like “who wants to be a milliner” it’s a very successful show. However this stage set as a two people setting in the middle of the stage and the audience around them, the stage is very colorful. The special thing about this stage is a light when they play a game the light focus on the host and the candidate so you cannot see the audience. 

This stage is use for a fashion design, to promote the clothes. These kinds of stages are based on fashion, which they are very famous around the world. However as you the lights are very colorful. 

Write definition for these stage terms.

Stage blocking
The stage blocking is a process of planning when, where and how the actor will move to the stage during the performance time. It also stage blocking shows that the director strong-minded lead the actor from stage right to left at the end of Act 1.
A sightline is a spectator between stadium and a theatre. Sightline also designing Better Streets for People with Low Vision
Stage direction  
A stage direction is an instruction, as a part written into the script of a play for a actor or a director. However it also means that stage direction tells the actor how they have to move or to speak their line at the right time.
Upstage is to distract attention from the other performance by moving upstage. It also means the back of the stage.
Downstage is a front half of the stage, as seen by the audience. Where the actor performs on a downstage. 

Mood Board

The mood board is a type of poster design that may consist of images. The mood board often used by the graphic designers. Mood board can also used to visualize the writing or an imaginary setting for a storyline. Creating a mood board is a digital form can be easier and quicker to use. However the Mood board can also be a great way for designers to present their take on a theme on a client. You can get good quality picture by taken picture by a digital camera or a good hand painting images. If you take camera picture you can make the picture more quality image by using Photoshop. 

Mood board 1950

Meeting with Client:

My client was Miss Jones and she was the director of the play, in our first meeting we have presented to Miss Jones a mood board of 1940 New York. We did that in start of the year eventually the plans was for the set and the measurement of the plants.  The feedback we had from the director Miss Jones it was about the color that she really like it, and she really like the way we was working hard on our project. 

Working on plants

we working on making plants.


Model and technical drawings.

Model and technical drawings.

Audience feedback

The audience feedback the show we put on was amazing and was very interesting you can see the quotes blow.
“The show was really amazing they way they present it were grate and it was really colourful.”
“The big plant was really scary.”
“It was very professional looking for a student production.”
“There were some scary parts but the songs were amazing.”
“”The background was very amazing especially the massive plant.”
“I wish I had known it was going to be that good, I would have auditioned for a part in it.” 


What I have learned from this task I can be more extremely hard at time to meet the deadlines on complex tasks such as creating the entire set and getting all the appropriate things needed for the show to make it more successful.
I feel like I have a much better understanding of kind of work that goes on behind the scenes how ever it can make the show a successful.
My role in the show was to make many leaf for the massive plants otherwise the massive plants would be uncompleted. How ever I had also another role which was to write down all the legal considerations which had to be put down on every poster. All we made or on every piece of advert we made for the show to make it successful.