Monday, 23 May 2011

this is an mind map, and a mind map is a plan what you should do before you create something or write something. 

i think i need to prove a bit more if i had more time.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Health and safety in theatre:

Pre production:
While you working you should wear safety cloth and wear goggles to protect your eyes.
While cutting any equipment be aware of it and don’t carry open knives around.
Use of paint & glue/solvents - use water based liquids, clean up spills.
Using suitable materials - check out fire ret ardency rules for particular venue
While you working in a group do not lift any heavy thing, and bend knees not you beck, you might damage it.
You have to make sure that the plant has to be big enough and not too hot.

Stage blackout, tripping/falling/colliding - Use of torches, all scenery positions clearly marked on the floor, rehears moves
Height hazard, falling off stage – Clear announcements to cast/crew, pulling curtain during blackouts
Props being lost/misused – Keep everything under controlled of prop manager.
Moving scenery – All crew have specific, well rehearsed job roles
Crowd control – You have to be make sure that the venue should not be over crowded, also the staff has to be by the door for the safety.  
Fire – Clear announcements, signs, usual fire precautions.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


In our group we will be creating the poster to promote the school play which will be the Little Shop of HORRORS. Along with the poster we also have to create flyers to post all around, the school and tickets which will also help to advertise the show. The ticket we are selling for the shows it’s about £2.00. When selling the ticket on the poster we should also put the details of the legal owners of the name for copy right reasons. 

Interview with professional stage designer

·       The reason I became a stage designer was because of the love I developed for the theatre from a young age.
·       The main challenge of this industry is all the competition.
·       The main thing you need to succeed in this industry is a lot of ambition and a lot of skill.
·       This job is mainly freelance which means you do not get a regular pay check.
·       This means you need to be much disciplined in how you spend your money.
·       3D design is the subject area you need to base your expertise in.
·       The pay can be very good for example if you work in film or TV you can make up to 500 pounds a week.
·       You need to have a good agent who can help you find work.
·       The good thing about this job is that you will never be doing the same thing twice or in the same place twice.
·       You also need to be extremely creative to do this kind of work.
·       The other good thing about this job is all the travel.
·       This job can also give you very high levels of stress, this is due to all the responsibility you have.
·       The biggest challenges include managing at times very tight budgets and deadlines and you also get no job security.
·       The most important skill you need is good communication skills.

How other musical are staged

“Cats the musical”
“Les miserables”
“Miss Saigon”
Staging type.
The stages are design for the performance of dramatic production. The stage serves as a space for actors or performers and a main spot intended for the members of the audience. The stage may have a platform. The stage is very tradition to the audience.  

This stage as you sees these types of stage are very traditional stage designs. This stage are been used for actor or for a performers. 

This stage is been using as a TV show like “who wants to be a milliner” it’s a very successful show. However this stage set as a two people setting in the middle of the stage and the audience around them, the stage is very colorful. The special thing about this stage is a light when they play a game the light focus on the host and the candidate so you cannot see the audience. 

This stage is use for a fashion design, to promote the clothes. These kinds of stages are based on fashion, which they are very famous around the world. However as you the lights are very colorful.